Get Involved



    1. Order the free Stage Left Educator DVD to screen in your classroom.
    2. Download our set of 6 Stage Left Curriculum Guides with the accompanying English Language Arts Common Core Standards Guide.
    3. Create a series of engaging lesson plans featuring the film and utilizing the imaginative theater activities outlined in the curriculum guides.
    4. Encourage students to pursue their interest in theater beyond the classroom and get involved in their school theater program or local theater community.
    5. Download our Bay Area Action Guide for tips on how students can participate and make a difference.


    1. Order the Stage Left Outreach DVD to screen at your theater.
    2. Invite patrons, fellow artists, special guests and friends to attend a screening and facilitated post-film discussion on central themes of the film.
    3. Download the Stage Left Community Discussion Guide to prepare for the discussion and distribute copies to your attendees.
    4. If located in the Bay Area, download the Bay Area Action Guide and encourage your audience to get involved in theater in an ongoing and meaningful way. If located outside the Bay Area, download our local action guide for ideas on how to engage with your local theater community.
    5. Once your audience is activated, keep them motivated through regular communication, specialized action alerts, and opportunities to volunteer and contribute.


    1. Order the Stage Left Outreach DVD and plan a screening event at your organization.
    2. Determine which aspect(s) of the film align with your mission and highlight them at your event.
    3. Define your objectives. What is it you’d like to accomplish from hosting the event?
    4. Recruit like-minded organizations and influential individuals to partner with you.
    5. Invite a group of community stakeholders to participate in a panel discussion.
    6. Invite your target audience. Which audiences can help you meet your objectives? Which new audiences will help broaden your reach and create new alliances?
    7. Download the Stage Left Community Discussion Guide to prepare for the event and panel discussion. Distribute copies to your attendees.
    8. Mobilize community members to take action by offering tangible goals and ways to get involved in your organization and mission.
    9. Recruit new members and volunteers.
    10. Follow-up quickly to maintain momentum.